25 Years Old Math Teacher Sleeps With Her Students

You may have heard about this since it was all over the news (and, effectively, the internet). But, in case you have not heard what happened in a small community of Rocky Mount, let me recap the events for you. As it turns out, a (very hot, if I may say so) math teacher named Erin McAuliffe, 25, was arrested on the suspicion of having sexual intercourse with three of her students. Previously, she has been fired from the Rocky Mount Prep school where she worked. The police investigated this case for over a month.

First of all, wow, have you seen that babe? I mean, I am not sure why she is after young meat (hey, everyone has its taste in men/women, I guess), but I am certain that she could find herself a boyfriend (or a fuck friend) in an instant. She’s 25, at the peak of her youth, and has this tight, slender body that many women would kill for. Literally. But, it seems like she prefers jail bait. I get it why people are disgusted by this. I mean, she is a lot older than those boys (the oldest of the students she allegedly slept with is 17) and, well, she is their teacher. She is banned both by the law and by the ethics of her profession from doing that. I also understand that those boys could be traumatized. Still, if nothing, they got to nail an extremely sexy chick! I know that I would have given everything to be able to do that when I was their age. She is not even a MILF!

Joking aside, there is a chance that she might have been falsely accused. It is less likely that she did not have sexual intercourse with those boys, but there is still a chance of that being so. You know how high schoolers and rumors go hand in hand like water and thirst. In either way, it was nice seeing the authorities dedicating themselves to this case in full. The reports say that the staff of the school helped them a lot and that they interviewed numerous people before they prepared the case and got the arrest warrant. Of course, as usual, more info will be available once the actual trial starts and we shall know what really happened once it is fully completed.

Once again, I have to say that what this teacher did was bad. She took advantage of young 17 years old and 16 years old boys. And, if you are a man, then you know what you would do for sex when you were that young. So, it was not especially hard for her to get them to bed. This case just solidifies sexual drive as a strong factor in our lives. It also goes to show you that some people can go above and beyond when it comes to perversions. You might say that these boys got something good out of this, but how can you be sure that they weren’t traumatized by the experience? God only knows what their mathematics teacher did to them. Be that as it may, I just hope that the justice system does a proper job when it comes to this case.