What Happens To Pornstars After Their Careers End?

In case you are wondering how is it like for pornstars to come back to ‘real’ life and continue living after a successful (or unsuccessful) career, the answer might surprise you. While there are certainly some who got lucky during this transition (take the example of Sasha Grey who became a movie/TV star), most of them are not so fortunate. You see, any society on this planet, no matter how liberal it is, still shuns the porn. You think that it might be 2017 and that it should be easy for these popular starlets, but it isn’t. Porn is still considered as something bad, even though a lot of people enjoy it.

So, naturally, if the porn is bad, then pornstars are even worse. Of course, this is not my opinion, but society’s. If it were up to me, all of these ladies would be able to do whatever they want and however they want. But, unfortunately, I’m not in charge. Now, to paint you a picture of how things are for the pornstars once they are finished with making adult content I want to remind you of a recent video made by Bree Olson. This famous blonde pornstar begged girls not to enter porn at the end of her video. It is quite difficult for these starlets to ‘erase’ their past lives. It cannot be undone and even if you find a secluded spot somewhere on Earth, there is a high possibility that you will be recognized. Speaking of regretting ever being in porn, Crissy Moran is another example. This former adult movies star became religious at one point in her life and decided to make the premium sites remove content in which she is featured. Also, you cannot escape from the law. There are countries out there which will punish you for working as an adult performer of any kind. And, when you take into consideration that we live in the age of the internet, then you know just how easy it is to uncover someone who is living a normal life and trying to be a pornstar at the same time or someone who was a pornstar.

In the end, it is up to us to make these ladies and guys feel more comfortable. We are the ones who enjoy watching them in action, so we should not disrespect them and ‘punish’ them for their previous lives. After all, they are human beings and they deserve the right to do whatever they want in their lives. I am, of course, talking from the perspective of someone who simply loves porn. If I had a former pornstar in my neighborhood, I certainly wouldn’t mind her at all. But, as it pans out, not everyone is like that. This is why we should strive to better ourselves individually and on a collective level. Pornstars are humans just like you and me, and they have their own aspirations and dreams. Let us enable them to do whatever they want once they finish their pornstar careers.