Hefner is an icon, but his life was definitely not iconic

The life of Hugh wasn’t that fun at all, at least not according to his colleagues. But let’s have a look at the beginning of his Playboy empire. He started it out of nothing. He had only 600$. Back then, he manages to collect 8000$ from loans from his mother and brother. His father never trusted a magazine could be a success. And the rest of it? Well, you know the rest, Playboy became a brand.

Although his life looked like a dream to us, it was all part of the marketing. The real situation was bad. His net worth on the day he died was 43 000 000$. When you say that number out loud, then you have to think he had a glamorous life. But that was not the case. His famous mansion apparently was in ruins. A lot of people who visited the mansion said that they were disgusted. Everything was in the scent of decay and dirty. There were even dog feces on the carpet. But they say that Hefner didn’t care too much about everything being clean. He loved old things and things that remind him of his past.

His ex-wives, who were also his playmates say that even sex wasn’t great. He was just laying there on the bed with a Viagra erection and his current wife would give him oral and then she would sit on him and ride him for a while, while the other girls were in the back trying to keep him up and excited.

A lot of people to whom he was close say that his first wife and a high-school love Mildred Williams ripped his heart out when she admitted she cheated on him. And he had two kids with her.

And what about that dream job of being Hugh’s girl who lives in his mansion? That wasn’t that good, either. The girls had a strict curfew, 9 pm. Also, they were not allowed to take any work outside of the mansion. And they were given an allowance every Friday morning, 1000$. Not bad at all. But when you say that that allowance was used as a weapon, then it is bad. Those Friday mornings were some sort of meetings where he was telling a girl what is wrong and with what he is not happy. And sometimes if a girl did something wrong, she didn’t get the allowance.

But all that aside, Hugh Hefner was and will remain an icon. His silk robe and a pipe are going to be remembered for a long time. Maybe his close friends had something bad to tell about him but there are a lot of celebrities who only have to say good things about him and his parties at the Playboy mansion.

Hugh was 91 years old when he died and that is a good number of years to live and if you look it that way, he must have had a hell of a good life, since he lived that long! And he was some sort of a marketing guru and you can never take that away from him. Rest in Peace, Hugh.