What Makes Teachers Sexy?

Undoubtedly, almost everyone in the world has had this fantasy, especially males. I am not saying that girls are not hot for teachers, but it shows more when it comes to boys. But, why are teachers so sexy? Why do we get turned on and (more often than not) masturbate to those women who are there to teach us something during our teenage years. Well, in the previous sentence might be the real answer to this question. You see, during your teenage years, your hormones are running wild and it is no wonder that you find your teachers hot and arousing. After all, you do get to spend a lot of time with them.

Yes, basically it comes down to that. Your teacher is the only mature person that you get to spend a lot of time with during those years. Naturally, since they are fully developed adults (some of them can be really young, meaning that they are closer to your age), their bodies, their looks, and almost everything else can seem rather appealing to a teenager. Some of us are left with this, let us call it that way, yearning for teachers well into our adulthood. This is why you will get to see a lot of porn movies on this subject.

Even though hormones are actually the ones to blame for this, it seems like some people tend to have hots for the teacher on a higher level than others. They are, naturally, more likely to watch porn featuring chicks playing teachers. The adult entertainment industry knows this and they use it to their advantage. On the other hand, some people just go through this during their teenage years and then develop other likings when it comes to men/women. In any case, 90% of people will develop a crush on at least one of their teachers. Women included.

So, there you have it – the real reason why teachers are sexy. While, naturally, when it comes to some cases, their looks might play a much larger part in them being attractive to their students, hormones are the true culprits here. In fact, those hormones which flare up during teen years and make you find your teachers attractive might have you liking mature women later on in your life. It is all about the first crush, and for many people those are teachers.

In the end, it doesn’t truly matter why you find teachers appealing. Your tastes are yours alone, but it is a funny fact that most of the people during their teenage years find their teachers rather attractive and appealing. These cases are really not isolated and it is not hard getting people to talk about it. Everyone has the story of their favorite teachers and just how sexy they were. In any case, you can safely blame this on the hormones. Or the fact that your teacher was really hot. Like, out of this world hot. That could be the reason too. And if those two mixed together while you were in school, I am safely going to assume that your cock/pussy was raw most of the time. At least, that was the case with me.