Pornstar Spotlight: Tori Black

Rarely will you ever see a pretty face as Tori’s anywhere, let alone in the porn industry. This desirable brunette has been making people horny with her looks and bedroom skills ever since she first appeared in a porno flick way back when in 2007. Since then, Tori Black has had an amazing career full of awards and accolades, not to mention excellent porn movies. You could call the story of her porn beginnings a typical one. Tori was still attending college when she got into the adult entertainment industry.

Being 18 years old and on a break from college, Tori was pestered by her parents to find a job. Whatever spurred her on to apply for a job with an adult agency, be it her teenage angst or her inner kink, we have that thing to thank for giving us one of the best modern pornstars. Ever since her first shoot, which was, by the way, a shaving scene, Tori Black has captivated both the male and female audiences from all over the world. The very next year, 2008 to be exact, she became the Pet of the Month for the Penthouse magazine. Even in her beginnings, her brilliance shone so brightly that it was recognized by an industry’s powerhouse.

Later on, in 2011, Tori Black would go on to make history by becoming the first ever person to win the AVN’s Female Performer of the Year for two years in a row. It should be noted that during her career, Tori was nominated for 64 awards and won 18 of them. And that is all in the span of ‘just’ ten years. As of late, Tori entered the directing business as well and she has managed to successfully direct 3 porno flicks. Tori, whose real name is Michelle Chapman, is still relatively young and she still has the kink in her, so we might get to see her both in the director’s chair and in front of the cameras for a very long time.

When it comes to her personal life, there are a few interesting things that you should know. Tori Black was born in 1988 in Seattle. She has two kids with her fiancé Lyndell Anderson. In a certain interview, this beautiful stunner has stated that it is quite hard for her to find a meaningful relationship in real life and do porn on the side. But, somehow, she has managed to keep her relationship with Lyndell alive. Also, besides appearing in adult films, Tori has appeared on TV (more accurately on CBS’ Ray Donovan) and in a move titled L.A. Slasher.

Taking into consideration the eventful career that Tori Black has had in the adult entertainment industry, one could say that she could be compared to the legends of the industry. And, certainly, if Tori continues her work, we might yet to see her win some more awards and graces us with more arousing porn films, whether by directing them or acting in them. Without a doubt, Tori Black is one of the most recognizable faces in the industry and I certainly hope that she will remain that for a very long time.