Reminiscing About Hot Hollywood Sex Scenes

Long before Fifty Shades of Grey started lighting fires in the panties of housewives’ across America, discerning gents have tuned into mainstream films to get their kicks. A nice assemblage of A-list celebrities has kicked off their knickers for the sake of their craft. There is something so titillating about seeing a wholesome thespian doing the dirty on film. It’s akin to sneaking a peek at your dad’s Playboys back in the day, knowing you got away with something awesome.

There is no shortage of rewind-worthy Hollywood sex scenes, as artful directors have influenced some major babes to bare it all in front of the camera. The blue-ribbon winners here are the ladies who do not use body doubles! Think back to your youth and the first time you saw some skin in a film. Not all of us grew up in the era of free online porn! Some of us had to rub one out to pics in Mom’s Cosmo Magazines or sex scenes in rated-R flicks, including the following honorable mentions.

We suspect more than one 40-something man developed his cunnilingus curiosity thanks to Madonna’s pairing with Willem Dafoe in 1993’s Body of Evidence. The Material Girl stars as a man-eater who seduces her married lawyer and introduces him to BDSM. The sex scenes are a special kind of erotic. The infamous wax play sequence is likely the influence of multiple lingering wax fetishes.

Let’s fast-forward five years to the cinematic gift that was Wild Things. Before Charlie Sheen was tapping Denise Richards’ divine derrière, she starred alongside Neve Campbell and Matt Dillion in this erotic thriller. The movie bestowed some boner-inducing scenes, including an intense threeway that raises the question of whether or not Dillion flubbed lines on purpose in an attempt for more retakes!

If girl-girl action grinds your gears in a good way, perhaps you cut your teeth on 1996’s Bound. In this neo-noir thriller, Jennifer Tilly launches a clandestine affair with con-woman Gina Gershon, and their lesbian sex scenes are certain to have pitched tents in the pants of impressionable young men who watched with bated breath.

The allure of Fatal Attraction starlet Glenn Close is lost on Millennials, but men of a certain age remember her hot scenes with Michael Douglas and maybe learned a lesson about infidelity in the process. Before vixen Close wreaks havoc on Douglas’ very-married character, he was treated to mind-blowing boffing during their abbreviated fling.

Men far and wide have balked about being coerced into watching The Notebook by wives and girlfriends, but we call your bluff! Sitting through this saccharine feature film is well worth it for the v-card-losing scene alone. The way young and sexy Rachel McAdams responds while losing her wet clothes, then her virginity, makes watching Ryan Gosling for two hours tolerable!